To save you time, we have listed our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question answered, don’t hesitate to call us! We’d be happy to help.

What is Smart Home or Smart Technology?2023-04-29T14:47:51-04:00

What makes technology “smart” is its ability to communicate and work with other networked technologies/devices, and through this ability allow automated or adaptive functionality as well as remote accessibility or operation from anywhere.

Are there any types of projects you don’t do?2023-04-29T14:49:11-04:00

Residential – Irrigation, Plumbing or Gate System installations. We can provide automation to control these systems, but we don’t physically install them. We outsource those services and/or provide referrals. Additionally, if someone is finishing their basement, people ask us if we build stages and tiered seating, or repair drywall. The answer is no, we do not.

Commercial/Industrial – IT Related and anything computer driven (e.g., servers, computers, mobile devices, phone systems, printers (desktop and standup), and scanners.

Why are there two logos for SYNCti? Is it the same company?2023-04-29T14:50:00-04:00

Forgive the confusion. The year 2022 was our 10-year anniversary. We rebranded our company, including a new, more streamlined logo. If you see the old burgundy logo roaming about, don’t worry. We are the same company. Be patient with us. We’re in the process of updating our vehicle graphics.

Do you do your own monitoring?2023-04-29T14:52:11-04:00

No, SYNCti doesn’t have its own monitoring system. One of the companies we use is Affiliated Monitoring ( https://www.affiliated.com/). They’re the second largest monitoring company in the world. It’s a U.S. company with its headquarters in Union, New Jersey. Their sole focus is monitoring.

Depending on the application requirements, we also use Alarm.com (www.alarm.com), a scalable control server system where a client can have a basic intrusion security system up to complete automation (controlling lights, audio, deadbolts, garage doors, video doorbells, irrigation, water valves and more). National firms, such as Guardian and ADT use Alarm.com.

Why should I trust SYNCti with monitoring services?2023-04-29T14:53:57-04:00

At SYNCti, we’re different from other companies. First, we don’t have short or long-term contracts. Second, we provide “grandfathered” pricing which means as long as you have active monitoring with us, your price will never increase.

What forms of payment do you accept?2023-04-29T14:55:02-04:00

We accept Apple Pay, Zell, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, ACH and cash.

Why should I consider using Smart Technology?2023-04-29T15:00:22-04:00

Today, the options in Smart Technology are limitless.

  • Scalable: Smart Technology is scalable. Your system is custom designed in conjunction with your overall goals and desired level of automation.
  • Energy & Utility: Linking connected devices improves a structure’s energy and utility management.
  • Check-Ins and Remote Monitoring: Smart Technology allows remote monitoring and check-ins. New babysitter? Do kids arrive home safe from school? No problem. You can check.
  • Increased Safety: Smart Technology provides increased safety and real-time surveillance. With monitoring you have peace of mind knowing that both people and assets are protected from questionable activities.
  • Wellness check-ins. Easily check on elderly or sick loved ones to ensure they are safe and living independently. Wellcams, two-way audio and video communication and personal emergency response devices provide a greater peace of mind for friends and family.
  • Safety: Consider using smart stove and grill guards for automatic appliance shutoff.
  • Avoid Costly Damages: With leak, fire, flood, and gas detection you can protect your home or facility and avoid costly damages before they happen.
Do you repair TV’s, Audio Equipment, Car Systems?2023-04-29T15:02:02-04:00

In short, no we don’t. Those items require specialized diagnostic equipment and parts. Contact the original equipment manufacturer to find a repair source. However, should you need NEW equipment for your systems, don’t hesitate to call us.

Do you install equipment that I’ve purchased elsewhere?2023-04-29T15:03:23-04:00

Yes, we can. However, we need all the model numbers of the purchased devices / equipment before installation. We verify compatibility and durability. A $10 TV mount from Alibaba can’t be the same quality as one from Amazon, costing $200. Regarding AV equipment, typically you get what you pay for. If an item we encounter has had past issues, we want you to know about it; especially before the TV falls off the wall! That’s why we inspect and double check. We verify we have everything necessary for a smooth installation.

What is the difference between having a control system versus an automation system?2023-04-29T15:05:42-04:00

A control system consists of pushing a button on a phone (e.g., changing the thermostat in your home or turn on your oven to preheat at 4:00 PM at 400°) to activate a single action. Automation is pushing one button, and a sequence of events occur simultaneously (e.g., Putting the house in “good night” mode – the blinds close, the temperature is adjusted, dead bolts on the doors are locked, the alarm system is activated, and the coffee pot is set to brew first thing in the morning). That’s automation.

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