The network in our home is more important than ever.

Networking Configuration & Design

A network, the backbone of just about everything in our home or business. We live in a connected world and it is imperative that our home network is strong, stable, secure, and reliable. This is where we come in and help you design a network that fits your family's needs, design, and budget. This will ensure that you have a good foundation for all your connected devices.

Wireless Networking

A pain point for a lot customers. There are so many wireless signals in the air today, that most homes have interference from one thing or another. You may also have your internet service provider (ISP) Gateway installed at one far end of the house, causing your signal strength to suffer throughout areas of the home. Having us complete a wireless assesment in conjunction with a network configuration can give you the right kind of setup for your coverage needs, download speeds, and types of wireless devices in your home. Don't let your Wi-Fi slow you down!

Remote Network Monitoring

What do I do when my network stops working or a network device stops responding? Well, this is where networks have become more complicated and in depth. If you rely on your network for home business or entertainment purposes, then going without internet for extended periods of time can be unacceptable. As your network service company, we can offer care plans that allow for continual maintenance and monitoring of your network remotely! Most of the time we can resolve issues or make changes without scheduling a service call. Instant fix without you having to take time away from your already-busy schedule!

I can't say enough good things about SYNC Technology Integration. These gentlemen are exceptionally  knowledgeable about all aspects of A/V systems, from driving music via computer to the home  theater experience.

Terri Vahey

A properly installed system is a happy system!

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