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SYNC Technology Integration offers a wide variety of products.  Some of our most popular brands are listed below.  The logo will take you directly to the manufacturer's website.

2GIG Technologies is the largest installed base for home security and control systems.  We use 2GIG's touch panels, window, door and motions sensors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and many other products.  2GIG works with many Z-wave devices such as Kwikset deadbolts, LiftMaster garage doors, Lutron lighting, Rachio irrigation and many other products to give you ultimate control through your security system.

AC Infinity specializes in all things cooling and ventilation.  Keeping components is an often overlooked piece of the equation.  Proper cooling and ventilation can keep your system running at it's peak performance along with elongating the life of your system.  AC Infinity makes rack, component, duct, cabinet and closet fans along with many other cooling and ventilation systems.

Alarm.com is trusted by millions of people nationwide.  We use alarm.com as the backbone to our security system.  It works hand-in-hand with 2GIG Technologies to keep your home or business safe and secure.  We use alarm.com's Z-wave, learning thermostats and surveillance cameras.  Alarm.com also works with Amazon's Alexa and Google Home for ease of use.

Araknis Networks, a SnapAV brand, understands the importance of modern, seamless connectivity.  Araknis provides us with switches, wireless access points (WAPs) and routers that allow us the customization we need to build a catered network to your home or business.  All Araknis products are equipped with OvrC (see below).

AudioQuest makes some of the best and highest regarded accessories in the industry.  From interconnects to power cables to bulk wiring and adapters, AudioQuest is sure to keep your system communicating at it's peak!

Barco makes some of the coolest products that no one has ever heard about.  If your place of employment has a meeting, huddle or conference room, you need to have one of their ClickShares in that room.  The days of finding cables and adapters for your laptop or tablet are long gone.  Barco's ClickShare is a wireless presentation system that works through a PC/Mac/Surface's USB port.  If you are using a cell phone or tablet, you can download the ClickShare application and mirror your portable device.  We keep a demo unit in stock at all times; if you're interested in the functionality of the ClickShare, just let us know!  Barco also makes some of the world's best projectors, commercial displays and video walls.

Binary, a SnapAV brand, makes 4K and other connectivity easy.  We use a multitude of audio, video and network cables from Binary.  In addition to cables, Binary also provides us with video distribution products from long-run baluns to HDMI matrices, splitters and switchers.

Definitive Technology, or Def Tech as most of it's owners know it by, is the most awarded speaker company in the last 20 years.  Def Tech boasts a unique approach to their floor-standing speaker line by having powered subwoofers built into them.  Def Tech also makes very sleek on-wall speakers that can flank flat panels or projection screens.  While being a very efficient speaker, they don't mind feeding some, well, a lot, of power to them either!

Denon produces some of the finest audio/video receivers.  Denon prides themselves on making a receiver that fits everyones budget and speakers.  The majority of Denon's receivers are also equipped with HEOS (see below), a whole house audio system.

"Happy Wi-Fi, happy life."  That is eero's ever-so-true slogan.  Mesh networks have gained a very high level of popularity over the last few years.  It no longer takes an exorbitant amount of money to spread strong and speedy Wi-Fi throughout your home.

Widely considered as one of the "Best bang for your buck" projector manufacturers out there, Epson offers many different levels of projectors that seem to fit everyone's budget.  Whether you're placing a projector in a dedicated theater room, living room or class room, Epson has an image for you, and a great one at that!

HEOS by Denon is a whole house audio system that offers a lot of flexibility and is very easy to use.  They make a wide array of speakers, have multiple soundbar/subwoofer options and have devices to integrate into existing systems.  HEOS allows you to listen to music via streamins services or music that you already own.  Many of Denon and Marantz audio/video receivers have HEOS built into them.

iPort, a Dana Innovations brand, makes some of the coolest products in the audio/video industry.  Their induction chargers for all versions of iPads can be wall mounted or sat on a table top.  They also make a growing-in-popularity piece, the xPRESS keypad.  The xPRESS allows you to control a zone of SONOS (see below) and program favorites on the keypad without having a traditional volume control.

JVC produces some of the most highly-rated projectors out there.  All of their home theater projectors accept a 4K signal while their flagship model, the RS4500, is a native 4K, laser-driven projector.

KEF produces some of the most elegant speakers found this day.  Not only are they gorgeous speakers, they are also loved by audiophiles so they sound just as incredible as they look.  KEF makes a wide range of speakers including floor-standing, bookshelf, architectural and outdoor speakers.

Klipsch, a local brand to us, has been "Pissing off neighbors since 1946" as they so proudly say.  Their iconic copper drivers are hard to mistake this brand of speakers.  Klipsch makes some of the most affordable floor-standing speakers out there and also have their own wireless music streaming system.

LG makes some of the highest-rated flat panel TVs on the market today.  From their LEDs to their OLEDs, you won't be disappointed in the image provided by your new LG TV.  LG also provides us industry-leading projectors and commercial displays.

Logitech provides us with an ease to condense remotes without spending a fortune.  Logitech's Harmony remotes come in many different options that include infrared (IR), radio frequency (RF), internet prototcal (IP) or even bluetooth (BT) communication.  Some of their remotes can even handle all 4 types of communication; the definition of universal!

Luma Surveillance, a SnapAV brand, is a robust, professional surveillance system that's geared for simplicity and peace of mind.  Luma manufactures a wide variety of analog and IP cameras along with digital and networked video recorders.  All cameras can be viewed either on-site or away from your home or business.  All cameras and recorders are equipped with OvrC (see below).

Lighting control is one of those things that people automatically think "it's too expensive and not for me".  Well, you'd be surprised at how Lutron has changed this narrative.  Lutron offers many different options that meet anyone's budget for lighting control.  Wheter you want to control a single dimmer or outlet to an entire home, Lutron has you covered.  Lutron also integrates into our Total Control (see below) and Alarm.com (see above) systems for seamless control.

Marantz is widely known as one of the finest audio component manufacturers.  They are extremely efficient and can reproduce sound with the best of them.  Marantz makes a slim version of their receivers where space is confined.  Looking for more power?  Look at Marantz's separates to maximize your speakers' capabilities.  Many Marantz receivers are equipped with HEOS (see above).

If you've never seen a Martin Logan speaker, then you haven't seen how sexy a speaker can be.  That's right, we said it!  Martin Logan, or MarLo as we call them, uses electrostat technology in the majority of their speaker to produce their incredible sound.  MarLo has rave reviews from owners and fans alike.  Another company that makes a wide range of speakers in which you can't go wrong with any of them!

OvrC, a SnapAV product, allows us to remotely manage a multitude or devices in your home.  From something as simple as rebooting a device to something as extensive as performing a firmware upgrade, we can do all this remotely with OvrC thus saving you time and money.  We offer annual monitoring plans to help keep your system running at it's full potential at all times!

QMotion is one of our favorite manufacturers to work with.  Their attention to detail is hard to surpass.  They produce the quietest motorized shades that we've ever heard.  QMotion's shades can be battery powered or hard-wired.  There is no unsightly power cord or solar panel.  We are one of the few dealers with a demo kit and full fabric book.  QMotion also makes manual shades as well.

Roku may seem like a rather minimal part of the audio/video equation, but in this day in age, it's a very intrical part of our business.  With today's streaming world and everyone accessing their television services like Netflix, HuluLive, YouTubeTV, etc., a strong media server is a necessity.  Rokus are very universal and more applications can be accessed through Roku than any other media streaming platform.  A few of Rokus new models can even control your TV's power and volume commands from their remote for ease of use.

Salamander Designs is not your average furniture company.  They are one of the most customizable companies we know of.  How many other furniture manufacturers make a mini fridge that's custom to their furniture?  Salamander doesn't stop there; they also make elegant home theater seating.

Samsung is America's leading TV manufacturer.  From entry level LEDs to state-of-the-art OLED's, Samsung makes a TV that fits everyones budget.  One of their more popular items is their frame TV that acts like a piece of artwork even while it's turned off!  It is perfect for that situation where a TV is mounted above a fireplace.

Screen Innovations is just that, innovative.  S.I. has pushed the needle to where all other screen manufacturers are playing "catch-up".  From an entry level, traditional-framed screen to their zero-edge Black Diamond screens, you will not be disappointed.  Their pre-installed LED kits add a wow factor as well!

Not only does Sonance, a Dana Innovations brand, produce some of the best architectural speakers, they are truly focused on design as well.  Instead of just offering what everyone else does with round in-ceiling speakers, they make square adapters to match custom lighting in your kitchen.  Sonance's outdoor systems are incredible systems.  Call us today for a free demo at your house; we are one of the few companies that have a full demo kit!

SONOS is the leader and pioneer in wireless audio.  Their system is easy to use and you can stream just about anything from the internet or music that you may already own.  Stand-alone speakers or their soundbar/sub combo can act as different zones or can be paired together to play the same thing throughout the home.

Sony brings us some of the most beautiful images from their LED & OLED TVs and front projectors.  A pioneer in the push to 4K, Sony is one of those brands that screams quality and reliability.  Sony makes some great audio/vdeo receivers and is a leader in the high-resolution audio world as wel.

Strong, a SnapAV brand, is our go-to brand for mounts and racks.  With SnapAV's custom rack builder, we can build and spec a rack to the exact unit and send it over to you digitally.  This is an awesome tool for us especially for those custom instances where a rack is going into a cabinet or closet and space is confined.

TiVo is another crucial part to "cutting the cord".  TiVo still allows you to have a recording service for local TV stations and gives you an interactive guide.  TiVo works as a whole-home DVR, much like the cable and satellite systems you may be used to today.

Total Control, URC's whole home automation system, can control your entertainment devices, connected systems and smart home devices with just a single touch.  Total Control offers 2-way communcation with many of your audio/video devices so you can get a true idea of control.  Their touchpanels are some of the more popular items as they can be used as video intercomm systems.

WattBox, a SnapAV brand, is one of our main manufacturers for power protection.  WattBox makes a wide variety of power products with different levels of protection which is determined by what all needs to be protected.  Many of WattBox products are also equipped with OvrC (see above).

Wirepath, a SnapAV brand, is our main supplier for bulk wire.  We chose Wirepath because of their large strand counts inside of the actual wire.  Wirepath also makes the majority of our wall plates, fittings and in-wall enclosures.

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